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In the summer of 2019 we received some sunglasses from Ovan Eyewear. We used them on and off tour and Ovan approached us for a special collaboration.

COBHC = Children of Bodom Hate Crew. When we initially came up with the name hate crew, we thought it would be a great addition to define our band. It didn’t take long to realize that Hate Crew definition is much more.
It is for everyone who listens to Bodom, who works with Bodom or who came to see Bodom live!

Ovan aims to build their sunglasses “through colors”. We have used COBHC text in white on black background. The acetate on the COBHC frame is black and the lens is in silver. These are the colors we always thought COBHC logo should have.

The left arm has laser precision carved crossed scythes symbol, right arm has laser precision carved Ovan OV-logo.


• Optically correct EMS Polyamidate lens, developed originally for medical, military and aviation.

• 100% Japanese fused polarization. (Polarized lenses block annoying glare that bounces off the road or water, increase color contrast for high-definition vision and reduce eye strain so you can comfortably wear your sunglasses all day long)

• Polyamidate combines the best of optical clarity, light weight and durability

• Lens benefits are total 100% UV protection, reduced eye fatigue, low-stress and natural reduction in chromatic aberrations from refraction of light

• Stronger and lighter than glass and optically better than any traditional competitors like CR9 or acrylic lenses

• All lenses have anti-reflection coating, that eliminates interior reflections

• Oleo Phobic Coating that resists water and oils sticking on the lens


• Hand crafted from cotton flower based hypoallergenic acetate. (Acetate is a plant-based, non-petroleum product, allowing it to be stronger, more durable and more flexible than regular plastic)

• Extremely high strength to weight ratio

• Vibrant colors (acetate doesn’t fade or loose the color)

• Durable metal frame inside the temples that connects to high pressure and heat fused 3:2 metal hinges

• Temples fit tighter when bought, but will “form” to persons head after wearing the product. Like fitted hat

Each sunglass is being hand inspected after it's been packaged to secure quality of the product.