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COBHC is short for Children of Bodom Hate Crew. The Hate Crew part represents all the people who follow and work with us, our fans and friends. Early in the Children of Bodom history, we realized that a big part of the band is our fans. During the years, the Hate Crew has grown to be its own entity.

The history of rings in our society is long. They symbolize different things, most well known are dedication, status, bond, achievement and a sense of belonging.

The COBHC Ring

Combining the dedication of our fans, and our love and respect for them, the COBHC Ring was born. The ring is a celebration of this symbiosis, something that we always will be grateful for.

The COBHC Rings are available in two different versions: silver and stainless steel, and come US size 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 (see sizing chart). The inscription says COBHC, the official logo of the band.

Rings are big in size - choose 1 size smaller to get perfect fit

MaterialThe silver rings are made in 925s silver material, surface with shiny polishing finish and Rhodium plating i.e anti-oxidation.
OriginMade in China